Meet Edgar

will Millarca be impressed by Edgar’s lovecraft? Or is this Cthulhu worshipper headed straight for the Abyss?

Name: Edgar Marsh

Hometown: Innsmouth, MA

 Cthulhu Worshipper



Favorite Animal:

Dream Date:
 My love will wait for me in the shallows in the dead of night. She will wear a long and billowing cape, as will I. Together we will wade out into the ancestral waters of my people, bringing with us the sacrifice we are to make to our Great God, He Who Sleeps and Shall One Day Be Awakened. Then we’ll wash up and maybe go back to my place and watch TV or something.

Dream Vacation:
 The Sunken City of R’lyeh!

What Is Love To You? 
Love is eternal. Love is beyond you or me or what we can conceive with our tiny minds. Love sometimes means destruction. Love sometimes means shedding our earthly clothing and skin. Love is knowledge of the truth of the fact that we are all just lesser creatures in the eyes of the Great Ones.

How Do You Feel About Dying? This question comes up a lot for me. Dying is not real. Just like none of this is real. We’re all just part of a dream. Nothing can kill what was never truly living.

Have You Ever Had Your Heart Broken? I dated a fellow worshipper for two years before she dumped me for an acolyte of the Goat of the Black Woods. I hear since then she gave birth to twin horned demons — dodged a bullet there!

If You Could Spend A Day With Any Historical Figure, Who Would It Be And What Would You Do? This is hard… Probably H.P. Lovecraft. I would bask in the awe of his presence at so richly chronicling the descent into madness so many mere mortals had while trying to understand the Greatness from beyond. Also maybe we’d have a beer or something.

Describe Your Perfect Life Partner: She is wise beyond her years, and has years beyond what any man has ever known. She is slender and pale, loves the moonlight, loves to consume the flesh of the dead, and when she laughs we hear angels weep in fear. She is the Darkness. I will not deserve her, but she will choose me because, deep down, I know this.

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