Meet Drake O.

will Drake O. put Millarca’s single life to rest? Or will he put the nail in his own coffin? 

Name: Drake Olsen

Hometown: Portland OR

 Part-time Mortician



Favorite Animal:
 Goat. Wolf…. do trolls count? I’ve seen one.

Dream Date: 
We start in a rowboat that yours truly rows down the river. Then we get to our destination which is an archery range. We shoot flaming arrows into straw-men I have decorated as her enemies. We then laugh and sip mead in our victory before pushing the burnt cinders of her fallen foes into the river; environment be damned! (It already is.)

Dream Vacation:  
A tour of all of the graveyards of Europe. All of them. This will be a long vacation but hey, if I win this show I’ll have time 😉

What Is Love To You?  
Love is the one thing that exists beyond death.

How Do You Feel About Dying? I know my Death. I have cheated him before, and I know that he will never come for me; for I will be Immortal.

Have You Ever Had Your Heart Broken? I was traumatized when my first love died choking on a chocolate bar. The service they gave her was HORRIBLE!

If You Could Spend A Day With Any Historical Figure, Who Would It Be And What Would You Do? Dracula. I would ask him how on Earth he could have let someone as stunning as Millarca go. Then we would battle, and I would be victorious.

Describe Your Perfect Life Partner: Immortal. Likes staging fake funerals with me. Laughs in the face of death and sounds like an angel doing it.

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