Meet Drake C.

will Drake C. impress Millarca with his magic tricks? Or will the trick be on him?

Name: Drake Chaucey

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Stage Magician



Favorite Animal:
Rabbit. (The doves are a bunch of b****es.)

Dream Date:
Two front row tickets to see Siegfried & Roy get eaten by tigers! That’s what they get for thinking they can harness the power of magic. And tigers, for that matter.

Dream Vacation:
India. All magic comes from India. Seriously. Also have you ever had punjab curry? That stuff is legendary.

What Is Love To You? 
Love to me is acceptance. Acceptance of all flaws, all quirks, all eccentricities. Love is the root of magic, and that’s why I’m able to do it because I have an infinite capacity for love.

How Do You Feel About Dying? Ha! Hahahaha! That’s funny.

Have You Ever Had Your Heart Broken? It was nothing that magic couldn’t fix…

If You Could Spend A Day With Any Historical Figure, Who Would It Be And What Would You Do? Probably Harry Houdini. I’d ask him why he didn’t go into real estate. OOH! BURN!!!!!

Describe Your Perfect Life Partner: My perfect life partner is someone who isn’t afraid to be flashy and showy and dramatic, who has a love of sparkles and glitz but also of danger, of thrills, of excitement. My ideal life partner is someone who knows all my secrets but will share none of them, and who will never let the f***ing doves shit on my face again!

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