Meet Bryan

will Bryan be a smash hit with Millarca, or will she turn the tables on him? 

UPDATE: In the very first episode, the unexpected arrival of Dakki Foxtail, Millarca’s vampire ex-bride, resulted in the deaths of Rock Album Collector Bryan and Rock Collector Brian, the first two contestants to arrive on the scene. We hope you enjoy reading Bryan’s responses to his interview questions below:

Name: Bryan Smith

Hometown: Ashland OH

 Rock Album Collector



Favorite Animal:
 I really like wolves.

Dream Date:
 Me. Her. A vintage record shop in some hidden nook of a large European city, after hours. We break in and listen to every record they have. She teaches me how to waltz, I teach her how to spot a knockoff vinyl. Paradise.

Dream Vacation: 
I’ve always really wanted to go spelunking. Maybe in an old abandoned cave somewhere.

What Is Love To You? 
What I felt when I first heard Millarca’s EP “Chinese Bitch Queen” when I was seven years old. She apparently wrote it about an ex-girlfriend. I’ve been her biggest fan in the world ever since.

How Do You Feel About Dying? If I get to meet Millarca, then it’s worth it to me.

Have You Ever Had Your Heart Broken? I once had a girl tell me I wasn’t unique. She left me for another guy named Bryan, except he spelled it with an “i.” Such a stupid way to spell it. I mean, Brian with an “i” should be pronounced “Bree-an.” English…

If You Could Spend A Day With Any Historical Figure, Who Would It Be And What Would You Do? I would totally jam with Jerry Garcia.

Describe Your Perfect Life Partner: 1,000 years old, pale, lives in a castle, is deeper than anything and has a perfect life except for the fact that she hasn’t met me yet!

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