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EP. 7: Vladislava


Millarca takes Sketch on a romantic bread-eating walk, where he tells her about the "murdery vibes" Fenrick is giving him. Meanwhile, Millarca's ex-lover, Vladislava, surprises them all with a sudden appearance at the castle.

EP. 6: You're Invited In...

In the series' first ever "Elimination Ceremony," vampire bachelorette Millarca has to choose which of her suitors will be "invited in" and which will be sent home... to their maker. (Shot entirely 100% at night time.)

EP. 5: The Blood Donor

Millarca makes a big first impression on Blood Donor Wes. Meanwhile, celebrity host Ian Fyfield explains the rules to the unruly bachelors. Will Adam be able to call his mom? Will Drake C. find a coin? Are any of us even alive? Tune in to find out!

EP. 4: Snakeoil & Smoothtalkin'

Meet the slippery Zachary, the smooth Edgar, and the, well... Sketchy... Sketch.

EP. 3: Meet Drake... and Meet Drake... and also, Drake

Drake O. shows off his burial skills while Drake L. talks "stuff."

Millarca knows Fenrick is a bad boy, but doesn't know that he came on the show to kill her.

EP. 2: Adam is Over His Head

As Adam contemplates his mortality at the hands of studio execs, Drake C., a stage magician, tries to delight Millarca with his whimsical charm. Also, we meet Raoul, a cat in a human body from New Orleans. 

EP. 1: Don't Get Too Attached

Join us for the first installment of the chronicles of a doomed reality show that set out to record the first ever dating show to feature a real-life vampire. Everyone vanished and only these tapes remain.


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Died Episode 1



How to Marry a Vampire is a new web series about a group of contestants competing for the love of a woman....and a chance at eternal life.

Follow along, as a bunch of guys compete for the heart of Dracula's ex wife, Millarca. One will be the winner. The rest will be dinner.

Millarca von Austria was born in a small village in Eastern Europe that she now forgets the name of, but was taught by an old bearded astronomer that it was in fact located in the exact Center of the Universe. Her mother was a banker and her father was a male prostitute, and from what she remembers they were considered a very progressive family for the time.

She was the only child of ten to survive the plague, which soon eliminated the rest of the town as well. Realizing that there was nothing left for her there in a village of dead people, Millarca left to seek her fortune.

After traveling around medieval Europe for a while dressed as a boy, she met Count Dracula, becoming the first of his infamous “Brides” and making the full transformation from young woman to creature of the night.

“To be honest I can’t remember anything about what being human was like. I remember I got sick a lot more but I think that had to do with medieval medicine being pretty lame,” says Millarca, now celebrating her 1,001st birthday.

Dracula's Ex-Bride Is Back In The Sunlight!